I've often been asked what the story and meaning are behind the Conditions for Growth name and logo. It goes back to more than four years ago when I was finalizing my coaching certificate and still leading large scale IT and strategy and operations projects.

While thinking about my ultimate vision and the impact I wanted to have in the world I went through various exercises that continuously brought one word to the forefront, growth. But was it helping others with leadership growth, financial growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, mindset, or something combined and more holistic I asked? I continued to ponder. My years studying psychology and business combined with my more than two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central Europe always led me to ask what factors such as tools, strategies, tactics, culture, mindset and more led to the success of an individual, organization, or nation. While working with coaching and consulting clients I saw a clear pattern emerge that was centered on having a clear vision, the best strategies to execute and be measured against, and most importantly the internal leadership and mindset required to create and lead into the unknown. I believe these elements combined are the "conditions" that ultimately create internal growth regardless of the area of business or life. These conditions are what our organization continues to explore as we create new products and services that help our clients enable the growth they seek.

The logo design was influenced by the thinking surrounding Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and my experience with using maturity models across disciplines with my management consulting clients. The firms I worked for had a maturity model for every imaginable component of business and organizational development and it offered consultants and clients a clear path to advance in an often ambiguous world. I began to look at the world with these two models in mind and ask how could these be applied to not only business but also life to go to the next level. At Conditions for Growth, we are constantly curious and driven to explore our clients' visions for the future.

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